The psychic I saw a couple of years ago told me that I would be a writer. Which is a very broad assumption of what my future goals are. I mean she did somehow managed to see that I was there seeking advise around my contemplations about school at the time.

The year 2020 began with one disappointment after another, until finally some good news comes along. I am very grateful and feel very lucky to have been able to have my surgery in September (a very tiny window of opportunity during the pandemic before the second wave) – These past two years have taught me a lot of things. It taught me a lot about people. It taught me a lot about the emotional stakes that comes with planning for the future (especially when nothing I had planned in the last two years turned out like anything I had envisioned). I got better at accepting negative outcomes. But not any better at curbing that insatiable need to plan and feel like I am in control of my own life.

The whole year I continued on with making art with as much time and energy I was allowed. Making art saved me from depression. I sold more art online than I have ever been in the past and I was only able to put in half the effort and I wished I had more energy to do it. Yay! Validation! Thank you to all that have supported my art work. The money I made I had donated most of it. I was collecting good karma – I felt like I needed it.

I am pretty proud of myself actually. Despite 3 surgeries and multiple hospitalizations in less than two years, I managed to put together an art portfolio, got accepted to Emily Carr, Alberta University of the Arts and after tossing two perfectly good adrenal glands into the biohazard bin, I applied to the Master of Nursing program at Athabasca University. And so I will being my graduate studies in May (my birth month – I will be 34 then) What comes after that? I haven’t planned that far ahead. I guess the psychic was right about writing…I will be writing a lot of papers next year! I think I have committed, I even purchased the APA manual.

I am very grateful for my patient husband that just wants to buy all my artworks. I told him that is not how an artist get her fix. She needs validation from thousands of complete strangers to fill some deep never to be mentioned void. I think this was the most interesting year yet in my young adult life. Interesting is not good or bad…it’s just interesting. Well, I better finish writing here, my Ring alarm is going off, maybe Santa is sneaking around downstairs.

Take care,

Much Love – Melody

One thought on “2020

  1. Yes it truly has been quite a year Melody… and you are the personification of resilience, equanimity, glass half full thinking… and you are registered in the Masters of Nursing with a most patient supportive hubby always by your side cheering you on… marriage is indeed teamwork and yes! Hard work!!
    We have Avery a Xylophone yesterday ( delivered by Amazon) and she loves it so much Paul and ShanaJane think her loud noise making and wild dancing could get them evicted!!! Ha ha…
    Big hugs you two… be well…

    Jane Xoxoxo
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