Goodbye 2019,Hello 2020

It had been a year of many firsts.

First time I got lucky bags from New Years Sale frenzie in Japan. First time praying at a temple to start the new year.

First time I have ever not work for a long period of time (almost one year in March)

First time I traveled overseas with one my best friends. First time I met my penpal in her home country, traveled to Helsinki and then Stockholm.

First time I joined an art studio and made art outside my home.

First time I ever had surgery. First time I had to have repeat of the same surgery. First time I ever rode in an ambulance. First time I thought I may die from being in the ER the second time after feeling like I almost died there the first time.

First time I had been hospitalized

First time I spoke to my father in 5 years.

First time I spoke to my aunt in 5 years.

First time I spoke to my cousin in more than 10 years.

First time I ever feel so depressed that I didn’t want to live anymore thinking that I have had a pretty good life so far.

First time that I have to go see a therapist.

First time I rode on an electric scooter.

First time that I sold my art online.

I got much love and concern from many and am grateful for knowing that if I didn’t make it, at least my funeral won’t be without people.

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