Nurse, Artist, Traveler

Melody is a mental health nurse from Calgary, Alberta.  Art has always been a much-valued part of the artist’s life in conjunction with her nursing career.  The artist’s abstract works are colorful intuitive paintings. The images are intended to provoke a sense of joy, calm, and hopefulness.  The details in the paintings captivate the viewer to draw the viewer away from the chaos of everyday life and provide an enjoyable distraction from stress and technology. Abstract forms of clouds, stars and flowers are recurring motifs in her work. The artist is passionate about her work in mental health nursing and knowledge in expressive arts therapy as a healing modality. She truly believes that art-making promotes wellness in physical and mental health.  After recovering from her own health challenges, the artist decided to return to school to pursue her lifelong dream of getting an arts education.  The artist aspires to have her own studio one day for providing art therapy to individuals with mental health needs.  

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